Web Hosting

Basic requirements in a Windows Hosting

  • Remote Desktop with the support of dedicated servers.
  • ASP.NET for the net support.
  • MS SQL for making the database available at any point of time for a support for search making.
  • MS Access to make the data and information available to Microsoft for converting them compatible for different versions of windows.
  • Visual Basic developments to enhance the multimedia support and to enable the light box pop up mechanism.

Linux Hosting

Linux is a very much secured way to host a website

  • Linux is very much fast and reliable.
  • Linux operating system naturally meets all the purpose and needs that a web designer needs to design a website.
  • Linux hosting is very much secured and is safe to be hosted.
  • Linux hosting, being case sensitive helps to make easy file names with common features.

Reseller Hosting

Aeromus Reseller Hosting Services


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